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April 30, 2017

"In the past God spoke to our forefathers
through the prophets at many times
and in various ways, but in these last days
he has spoken to us by his Son..."

Hebrews 1:1-2

Hebrews is one of the richest books in the New Testament. Its primary purpose and benefit is that it builds a bridge from the Old Covenant, recorded in the Old Testament, to the New Covenant inaugurated by the Lord Jesus Christ in the New Testament. This week, Charles Price begins an eight part series on the book of Hebrews. In this first part, he explains why it was written, the different ways in which God has revealed Himself, and the very real danger of spiritual deafness toward the Word of God.

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My Daily Journey with Christ

Sunday, April 30 Devotional


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Faith Journeys

I came with my parent's to Canada at the young age of 15 yrs old. My parents didn't believe in God, and alway's made fun of it. Somehow i was a little different, as my sister and I were alway's in a Catholic boarding school. One morning as i was dusting in our little chapel I stopped, and there was nothing there nothing to see, but although I had this strange feeling and my heart was so full of love, and at that time I just knew without a doubt that there was a God that loved me. I finished my job, but somehow a time later i had forgotten what had happened I forgot to mention I was a child that came from an abusive family, and was beaten quite often by a step father. When my real dad came back from the war he kidnapped me out of that situation. Years later when i was 36 years old I went to a tent meeting, on the insistence of my husband. I really didn't want to go, as we Catholics were not allowed to go in to any other church. Again I had this wonderful feeling of love and started weeping, I wanted to go again, and every day for a week i did go, but at a certain time there was this weeping again, so when they gave the altar call I was almost running. Jesus became my Saviour, and my love. I did not know the denomination the church was, but it was a pentecostal church, I had nothing against that, but then i saw strange things happening, people falling , speaking funny, and jumping up and down. I decided to really get in to study, for such a long time, and just loved the way God opened up my eyes, and i had asked Him if all this was from Him I would do what He wanted me to do.But i felt so very uncomfortable that i knew i must leave. I found a little baptist church, and there was soft violin music, and wonderful prayer. Then one day i turned the tv on, and listened to Charles Price. I just couldn't keep my eyes of his speaking from Romans, an I never heard such teaching , and such a way that I understood his explanation from what he was speaking. Needless to say my husband and I went to church in the morning,and tuned in to peoples church. I have never heard a man explain scripture as this man did. Now after all these years i became a Sunday school teacher, and went to many bible classes. I was going to go to bible school and take apologetics, but my husband got very ill, and after a coupe of years he passed away, so he needed me to care for him. Now i am so crippled with arthritis, that i could not even go to church, but i still listen to my favorite preachers, and now i heard that he must leave. I feel very sad, but he needs to go where God is calling him for. But I know i have my bible, and all the commentaries and still can learn at my Saviours feet.Thank you Jesus, for your guidance, and thank you my Father for sending me this wonderful teacher. May God bless him, and also His church all over the world. From sincere heart Martina Jones

Martina Jones
Brockville, ON Canada

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